Where I change the ftp

Hello everybody. I started using zwift over a year ago (November 2019) with a trainer that overestimated my power. In September 2020 I bought a new Elite Direto XR 2021 which measures my power more accurately.
Last year I remember that every so often at the end of the session the message came out: new FTP detected. This year, since that message is lower, I have never seen it. Where do I see my current FTP? Can I reset all the values detected by the previous roller?


Ok, but how can I delete the data of the previous trainer?

What do you mean the data of your previous trainer?

Do you mean on Zwitpower?

move mouse whilst in-game → menu → click little orange icon near ur name → enter whatever FTP you want.

on ZwiftPower you can go Profile → Settings → enter desired FTP

to get your zwiftpower profile reset, email Zwift admins at zwiftpower@zwift.com (make sure to tell them the exact date you switched trainer)

My current FTP, which displays on the workouts screen is 321 watts. However, he never wrote to me that my FTP improved after a race. Possible? My FTP cannot stay constant for 6 months …

Zwift will only auto adjust your FTP up, you would need to manually adjust it down.

If you are talking about Zwiftpower you would need to send an email to zwiftpower@zwift.com

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