12 year old keeps getting warnings

My son has just joined, he’s very athletic, 38kgs and using my Basso road bike so pulling 200-300w.

He keeps entering races in A category, getting to the front, then getting throttled by the system.

Is there anything which can be done? He’s entered his details correctly. He’s getting frustrated.

We are new to Zwift

Do you know anyone with a more accurate trainer or power meter you can test him on to see if your mag trainer is over reporting his watts?

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How many races use the power throttling system? I thought that only a few races have the anti-sandbagging feature turned on.

I am afraid not. I will up his resistance

Please refer to this thread: https://forums.zwift.com/t/zwiftpower-discussions-now-hosted-here-january-2021/

Closing this one.

Ride On!