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I want to see if anyone can help with my child’s account. He races alot, and is 8 years old. On Zwift, they do not have the option for the indoor trainer he uses. He uses the Feedback Sports Overdrive trainer which is a resistance based roller unit. Zwift only gives the option for the Zerodrive trainer which is a non-resistance based roller unit. He ends up showing wattages consistently over 200 watts which is obviously not possible for an 8 year old. Emailing Zwift was of no help. I need to figure out a trainer selection I can make that might make his wattage more realistic. Does anyone have any suggestions?

That’s going to be difficult unless you know what watts he’s putting out. Do you have some power pedals you can throw on his bike, or a different trainer to put him on just to get a baseline? If not, you’re stabbing in the dark.

If you do get a baseline of his power, I guess just try out selected different trainer models until you find one that reports more or less the same wattage…?

Shouldn’t you use the generic non supported trainer setting?

The unsupported trainer setting won’t be accurate but it will work.
Nothing about your son Zwifting will be accurate.
Even with a power meter, his game speed will be artificially high because the CDA will be low because the game is not designed for small human beings.


I’ve got a couple junior riders on Zwift (both under 30 kg). They’re using a KICKR Snap, which is calibrated, so their power numbers are fairly accurate.

Zwift’s physics seem to be about what would be expected for tiny riders. They struggle on the flats and fly up the hills.

I’m sure it’s not perfect but Zwift’s physics are far from perfect for adult sized riders too.

Sorry I don’t have a solution for the OP’s question. If the 8 year old in question can reach the pedals of a 24" bike, that, with a large cross section smooth tire, works on a KICKR Snap (wheel-on smart trainer).

If you tell Zwift that the wheel size is smaller than it actually is, that will reduce the estimated power from a speed sensor.

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FWIW, I can get my 6yo son’s 24"-wheeled mountain bike on my Tacx Neo 2T.

When we go out on the road for five miles or so, we’ll bimble along at 8-9mph, but he can lap the Volcano circuit in 7:30 - which I don’t think is entirely realistic! He’s only 20kg and 4’0" tall, and averages about 40W. :smiley:


Something does seem odd there. My larger youngster is 27kg and 4’ 5" and just did a lap around the Volcano Circuit at 7:21 with an average power of 76 watts.

Kids are just better at video games :smiley:

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