I can't post topics on Zwiftpower

I need to post a request on zwiftpower to have my first race removed. I had my Assioma Uno set to send double the data and I didn’t realize Zwift correctly records the data without that option turned on. I’ve deleted the activities in Zwift already. When I go to the forums page there is no button to create a new post.

Edit: When I delete all board cookies the post topic button appears. When I click on it I am prompted to login. The next screen says I can’t post in that topic.

Go to “Forums” then click the “General” forum then “Post a new topic” button

Thanks for the reply. When I click on the button it prompts me to login and I do. After that is says I’m not allowed to post in this forum.

Oh, cant help with that.

Zwift posted here a little while ago that if you have a Zwiftpower issue, you can send an email to zwiftpower@zwift.com

Also, one of the admins/moderators (not sure what he is other than a good guy) from ZP hangs out here now and then so he may see this post and also help you.

Good luck.

Try posting now; I’ve ran something from my end.

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Woohoo, it works! Thanks!

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I have the same problem as well… can anyone help me pls

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