Unable to post in Zwiftpower

Hello hopefully sticky sees this. I am new to zwift and zwiftpower. I have competed in two races the first of which was on my fluid trainer using virtual power and the second was using a 4iiii power meter. Can you please remove my first race? I has me in A category and atm I should be in B. Hopefully once this is completed my result from yesterday’s race will appear.

Thanks very much… I tried to post this in the zwift power forum but for some reason have no ability to post there.


I need a link to your profile.

Hi sticky. For some reason it will not allow me to post a link to my profile here. My account name is Chris Lamb (UNC)

Edit … let’s try this (to the end of zwiftpowerdotcom


Hey S_ticky … I’ve edited the above post to include the info I think you require.


Thank you :+1::+1: