Zwift Power - Cannot post on Forum and no activity showing up

Hi all,

I’ve just signed up to zwift power, opted in, linked account etc… but none of my activities are showing up (though they are all public) and I cannot post on zwift power forum…

Any idea why ?

Cheers !

Zwift are now entirely responsible for ZwiftPower. However, you can update your activity list on that tab. Actual historical results will not come through to your main profile page prior to opting-in. Some recent events may during routine regeneration though.

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Hi, I can’t post in the zwift power forum… won’t let me create a new post for some reason… can you help me out? Don’t have FB so can’t contact zwift power on there … HELP PLEASE

Try now.


Hi I’ve a similar problem re posting in Zwift power. It won’t let me.
I also had a race yesterday which does not recognise under the Triathlon Ireland group.

Hi, I seem to having the same problem, can you help? thanks

@Dan_Bristow_2624 try now

I can now post on the forum but my activities are still not on my profile, I have some screenshots but i can’t seem to upload them to here

Thanks again!

Hi I have a similar problem. I can’t post in Zwift power Forum. It won’t let me.

I want to delete a activity because a wrong wheight set.
There is a topic in Forum for. But no Chance to leave a comment or a Post.

Can you help sticky?

Thanks Andreas Scherer

Try posting now

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Hi there,

Just registered on zwiftpower and my activities don’t show up and I can’t post on the forum.

Can you help me please?

Thank you!

@Louis_Deslauriers Try now

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, I can’t post on the Zwiftpower forum. He has had problems in the last run of connection cuts (as can be seen in the graph) and when reconnecting bad calibration of the potentiometer. I need to delete the last race.

Thank you,

Good morning,

I can not post anything on Zwiftpower. I need to delete an event that for some unknown reasons, may be calibration, the power is all over the places and this it’s skewing the overall data.
Thank you

Send an email to with a link to your Zwiftpower profile, and explain the situation.

Thank you. I’ll do.

Hi. I don’t know how to post on ZwiftPower or I just can’t. I want to help someone. I’d be grateful for help:)

What sort of help do you need? There’s a Zwiftpower forum in the Racing section now. If you need help with something like the fact that you’ve changed trainer and that has affected your power output greatly, then send an email to with a link to your Zwiftpower profile and explain what happened and when.

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Hey there. Zwift have all but killed ZwiftPower since they took it over. I am still holding my breath that they continue to make improvements and see it for the asset that it is.