Zwif power and activities

I really enjoy the stats in Zwift power. But now Zwift Power has not added any of my activities after 19th of October. I have tried to “update activity list”, but nothing happens. Does anyone have a clue of what is wrong or where I might have messed up?


Hi @Stale_Akersveen

Did you make all your activities private?

Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ
I think the std is for followers on my privacy settings, but only on Strava. But I have rides that is open for everyone that doesnt show up either. I dont think I have done anything directly in Zwift.


Your CA/Zwift profile is private and the race events appear to be private (green bolt) but here is what I see in ZP (the only Akersveen listed) - so 2 races since 17 Oct.

Events under your Profile list are Zwift/community organised events only and dont include rides like Meetups, workouts and free-rides. What events are you missing (can you provide ZP link to them)?