ZwiftPower not displaying activity

Hi all,

I completed an activity 2 days ago and Zwift power has not recorded my activity. Yes, I have updated the activity list.

Anyone else have the same issue?

PS the activty was recorded on the Zwift website, also on Strava.

Was it an event or free ride?

Just a free ride… It read my free ride today 14 Dec and yesterday 13 Dec but not Monday 12 Dec.

Then all the other free rides and events before 12 Dec are fine.

It has missed one ride which was 12 Dec…strange.

It will be missing from your Activity list if there was a data error between the ZP and Zwift servers (the equiv in events is that you would have ended up on the non-finishers list I suspect). Could be caused at your end or Zwift end and happens quite a bit in events (races).

ZP tends to be less lenient than Strava and more like Garmin in that respect (it’s got to be perfect or else they reject it) type of thing. I certainly cant see anything wrong with your events as recorded in Companion App so finger’s x’ed its a one off for you.

Keep an eye out for further occurrences of this as it will likely point to a failure somewhere in the zwift world that needs to be looked at, though Zwift aren’t showing many signs of fixing issues in ZP these days. But to be honest, I haven’t come across any people that track rides in the ZP activity list (comparing against the Zwift activity list) so you may have come across a bug not well known.

Thanks for your comprehensive response Dean.

I had noticed that when I logged onto Zwift via the browser just now, and looked at the activity in question, under the section ‘Who can see this activity?’ Zwift marked it as ‘followers’. So I changed the setting to ‘Public’.

I’ll wait another hour before I update the activities list in ZP to see if that works.

I don’t know why the Activity Settings was marked as ‘followers’ - that’s weird…

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It worked Dean…

Under the section ‘Who can see this activity?’ It must be ‘public’ so ZP can read it.

Well you learn something new every day.

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School days eh!