Zwift data not showing in Zwiftpower


I’m having trouble to see my data from Zwift in Zwiftpower.
I see that my profile is linked properly but nothing is showing.

Any help would be apprciated


When did you join Zwiftpower?

Only public activities will show in ZP.

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His activities are public so either something has gone wrong with ZP joining process, or he is expecting his events undertaken prior to signup to appear, which wont. If thats the case, the best he can hope for is the prior events being added in his Activities section.

So who can those activities ? Or how ? I’m not familiar with all that :pleading_face:

Thanx again

If you do races or other rides with results from now on, your data will appear in Zwiftpower.

You can’t get events in the past, before you joined ZP, to show up.

And to add to @Steve_Hammatt 's comment:

On your “Profile” tab only events (races or social rides etc.) will show up. Free rides and meet-ups will only be shown on the “Activities” tab. The latter will also not contribute to your ZP ranking, power curve and race category calculation.

What do you mean “latter” ?
So if I understand all my activities(free rides and meets up) won’t counts ?

Let’s set a few definitions first:

  • Activity: Every ride is an activity - events (like races and group rides) and free rides and meetups.
  • Events in this context are races and group rides that are open to everyone and can be entered into via e.g. the website or the Companion App.

With this out of the way, correct, free rides and meetups will not be included in the calculation of your race category, ZPoints and/or your performance statistics. Hence, they will not show up on your profile tab. They will (or should), however, show up on the activities tab.

Also keep in mind that only the official part of an event counts towards your performance statistics. That means if you continue riding after an event has officially ended (by time or distance) and then achieve a PB on a KOM or your 5min power, it will also not be included in your performance statistics (including your power curve).


I’m having the same issue. I signed up for zwift about 2 weeks ago. I signed up for zwiftpower about 1 week ago. After I signed up for zwiftpower and connected my zwift account, I have done 3 rides, and not of them are showing up in zwiftpower anywhere. They’re not showing up on the “power” tab, nor the “activities” tab. On the tab labeled with my name, there is a selector for different types of activities and I have it set to “all” and still I see nothing. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve clicked through all the settings I can find.

My only thought is that perhaps the type of riding I’m doing in zwift if causing the problem, but I’m not doing anything too strange. I’m starting zwift, choosing a “workout”, and clicking “ride”. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Tommy_Rose_3146

Check if your profile is verified.


If that does not help then:

Please send a E-mail to

When you do, come armed with some information so that we can help you more quickly and easily:

  • A link to your ZwiftPower profile
  • Your ZwiftPower username
  • Your Zwift ID

If you aren’t sure how to locate your Zwift ID, check out this article for steps.

Same here. All activites somehow stopped to show in year 2020. Just sent an email to [].

thanks, Janis