Newbie questions (power segments only showing up for some activities)

I’ve been using Zwift for about two weeks and signed up for ZwiftPower a few days ago. I have two basic questions that I cannot find answers for:

  • What is the difference between the activities that show up in my profile, and the fuller list in the ‘Activities’ tab? The activities tab shows everything I have done since starting Zwift. The profile tab shows my most recent activity, and one from several days ago, from before I signed up for ZwiftPower.

  • Why does only that one old activity show the 5min/1min/30s/etc power intervals?

I’m not doing any racing, but looking for a good way to be able to track my progress on power output over time.

Here are my Activities tab and my Profiles tab, respectively:

Hi @Cullen_Stevenson, welcome to the forums.

The activities tab includes all of your rides, events, meetups, and workouts; the profile tab shows organized events such as races and group rides like the Tour de Zwift but not free rides and meetups.

Notice the green lightning bolt next to the more recent activity, this indicates it hasn’t finished processing yet and will eventually turn blue and show all the info as the older event.

Thank you. Is there a way to see those power intervals for the free ride activities?

I don’t think so, not on ZwiftPower, but if you link Zwift to Strava you can look at your power curve for all rides (this might be for paying subscribers to Strava only, not sure if this is available to free accounts). There are other free services out there, I think Golden Cheetah is one? @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ probably has some tips.


I prefer Golden Cheetah but it can be a bit overwelming. is a nice free option as well as Elevate for Strava

Edit: Looking at my free Strava profile I can see the power data. I think it is default or part of the free Strava sauce plugin.