Activity showing in Zwift power but not on companion

hi there,
just finish a race and it seemed that i was first (only 4 people racing).
i had connection issues but it showed the end and everything.
i can see the activity on Zwift power, however i seee only the Cat C and not my category D. i only see mine, if i click in “filtered”, with no ranking showing.
i could find the *.fit file and upload to strava , but it didnt automatically (normally it does).
when i look on the companion app, this activity is not listed. this is very weird as it shows on Zwift power…or am i missing something?
thanks for any tip

What’s the event ID?

couldnt find a number, just the name:
3R presents the Wheelers’ Weekly Smashfest, started at 19:00 (berlin time)
i checked before and it didnt say that a Heart monitor was required.
it could be that it doesent show my ranking because i dont have one?
still should show on companion right?

Yes you were excluded from the results due to lack of a heart rate monitor

Event rules show this:

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 16.25.20

hmm, alright.
what a “no Zpower” means?
other thing: the activity is anyways showing on zwift power but not on my companion app, any reason for that?
thanks a lot for helping out.

No zPower means that people using a speed sensor instead of a power meter or smart trainer will be excluded from results.

My guess is that the lack of data in the Companion app is because of your connection problems causing the ride to not save properly. You may find that when you do another ride, the previous event is saved but it may just say “Makuri Islands” with no info about it being a race.

Digging this out, seems to be a general issue since the latest update (1.61, march 2024). I did two races of “Zwift Games“ with my rower which is being treated as ZPower. I knew I would get a ZP DQ but I didn’t mind, just wanted to get the route badges. Did my own pace in the back of cat D, finished the rides, got the route badges and bonus XP, took some manual screenshots and saved the rides as always. Looked into Zwiftpower and found myself under “Filtered“, as expected.

But the rides were not saved on companion or in my activity feed. My manual screenshots also don’t exist anywhere. And the rides aren’t ticked off in the “Zwift Games“ progress bar. The only proof that I did the rides are the results on Zwiftpower. Oh, and I got the route badges.

Btw: During the race I noticed that I wasn’t able to give any Ride-Ons. Thought of it as a glitch, but it happened in both races.