Results not showing on Zwift Power

Hi, my last race this past Wednesday at 17:37 ZHR Hare & Hounds is not showing up in my profile on Zwift Power, but it is in the activities section. But I cannot see the race results, and my performance in the race. Any suggestions?

What does it show on the companion app?

The companion app, in the ‘activities’ section shows the event and that I rode in it.

zwiftpower(dot)com shows the activity as well, but it is not showing up when I click ‘profile’ and scroll to the bottom (where all of my other races are listed).

Can you send me the 7 digit event ID for the race so I can have a look?

Yes, how do I find that?

Just going to drop you a private message to make it a bit easier.

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I think the same thing happened to me yesterday. I did two races. The second one posted normally, but the first one didn’t post although it appears in the companion app.

I don’t see the race ID, but here’s the header…

The event ID is at the end of the website address.

I’m afraid I don’t know which timezone you’re in.

I appreciate the reply. I’m in Alaska.

Event ID looks like 1003877058356477984

Full URL:

Sorry, I meant the address of the page in Zwiftpower :slight_smile:

Right… looks like 2701230

Yeah, I don’t see you in that event at all - not even on the live tab.

Have you got a screenshot of the activity on the companion app?

Hey Mike … I think thats the wrong event and the one you were in isnt listed (the one you referenced started after your Herd ride whereas your one in Companion App started ~1hr before the Herd event) . Also, referenced event doesnt have any riders in it that are in your activity.

I checked a couple of the other riders listed in your activity, who are on ZP, and the event doesnt list in their ZP events either and I cant see it in the History view.

James might be able to magic up that event though.

I’ve had the same issue. first time ever. race entered as normal, no issues during the ride, but on crossing the finish line no results pop up.

then i cycle on a bit, and it seems I’m still in a race, despite it being one lap. companion app shows the activity but I’m not in the results.

nothing in zwift power - its as if i didn’t turn up!

i can provide the race id but i think its becoming a general issue.

You’re showing up in the section of the Live tab where non-finishers are listed (Zwiftpower loses connection with Zwift servers which is sometimes caused by your internet connection).
But in this case, given the majority of people that started that event are in the same position as you, I’d say Zwift servers glitched out somehow as from what I can see, 40 odd racers had the same problem only at the end of that race. Not sure if organisers can do something about that but would be worth checking in with them given potential impact on series results.

thanks! I’m not sure how to contact them or what they can do as zwift doesn’t have me finishing either…and i really enjoyed the climb to finish!

If you were aiming to complete the race series, then organisers might have tools to over-ride ZP results for overall series/event points allocation, but you are right, they wouldnt be able to change the Zwift result which is effectively just a hard 45min ride. - they have an email link at the top left of that page.

I’ll admit I didn’t pay attention to the time stamp/zone. I just searched ZP race history for 3R Watopia Flat

Not a big deal. FWIW, here are a couple companion app screenshots…

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Good day. Also new at this. I have selected to have my data portrayed for Zwift power, yet I cannot find my race/ ride results for MAAP stage two castle to castle. It appears in companion app, Zwift total figures my Garmin etc but not under Zwift power. Initially I did not have Zwift power selected prior to stage 2. Yet did afterwards when was trying to find my results. Regards

I can see your results for both stage 1 and 2.