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I’ve done a time trial my first today and I can’t see where I came! Very disappointed one of the reasons I joined zwift was to do TT’s etc to test against other people, why can’t it be made so much easier to view race results afterwards? Very disappointed! Personally would like everything simplified and put on to one app, it’s not great from Zwift…

Hi your race results are shown in the Companion app and also join zwift power

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As Paul has said - download the official Zwift Companion App on your smartphone and you’ll be surprised how much information and functions are available to you. Viewing your own activities, following other athletes, editing your profile, accessing the Events catalogue, having hot keys and the map during your ride etc etc. For example this is what today’s ‘Zwift Time Trial Tuesday’ results page look like:

That’s what you’re looking for isn’t it? So why start blaming immediately?

It’s not showing them in either.

Mine doesn’t look like that , I entered a time trial but have no race results, maybe I’ve done something wrong but can’t see it, it gave me results whilst doing it but not at the end or now.

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What was the event and time (include your timezone)?

So you were able to see your position during the race on the right in the riders’ list? But at the end of the race there was no ending/results screen? Did you finish your race? Did you cross the finish line? Are you Neil ■■■■ (as on the forum) from the UK, level 3? If you are then there is no race or any group event showing up in your Zwift profile. Last activity that I can see is a 16.8 km freeride in Richmond. That was not a race, timed event or any timed group activity. We need more details to help you. A) If this Richmond ride is what you were talking about, then it actually wasn’t a TT or a race, it was a freeride (even if you’d chosen a TT bike for it)…B) If it’s not then you may probably actually took part in a TT race but something went wrong and it didn’t get saved in the end. How did you start your ride? Did you join an event?

Thank you for your reply I’ll message later at work at the moment

Hi, thank you for your reply , I think on that instance I may of made the mistake myself and probably did that enter the time trial however I definitely entered one to today at 17.30 but no results for this one, having just joined Zwift I’m very disappointed at they is one of the main things I wanted to do.

I’ve checked your profile now. Is that the ‘ZHR Masters TT Series’ you’re talking about? If so it seems that this race has some specific complicated rules - I’ve tried to read the description of the event and got really confused. I’ve never encountered this specific type of events. I’m afraid you’ve just picked an event with some specific strange rules not so common for Zwift. Therefore you don’t get your results shown in a simple table. I’m pretty sure that next time in an another race you’ll finally get your results in a simple final table. You’ve simply stumbled upon a specific race series which doesn’t provide results in an easily digestable form. Bad luck :frowning:

You can also register your account on and link your Zwift account there. That’s a (now fully official) platform which manages all the results of all group events held on Zwift - those which are available in the Events section - races, group rides or group workouts. Most race organisers advise you to have an account on Zwiftpower and some may even require you to do so. You can find your power metrics for each event and filtered results (cheaters and racing category violators are removed from the table on Zwiftpower) there. It seems that this may be the best solution for you. 'Cause even the organisers of your today’s TT race say that ‘Results of the Best on Standard will be available only on ZwiftPower’ - that’s said in the bottom of the description of that event. So registering an account on Zwiftpower may solve the problem of not having the results of today’s race and also will help you in the future. As an example I’ve attached a screenshot of my Zwiftpower profile page for you to check out what it looks like and what info you can find there:

Thanks for your reply, are the results to time trials or races then usually on the companion app? I hope so, it’s not like I want to beat anyone just find it more interesting if you compare your performance against others…

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Spot on with this recommendation with joining Zwiftpower however it wouldnt have helped with this event as a one-off - its part of a larger series and data is compared to other rides to determine finishing order.

Also, Zwifpower wont retrospectively adjust race results once you join - it only applies for events going forward.

I’d highly recommend that anytime you see the word “series” in an events description, always go to the organiser’s web/FB page for more details (if the ad isnt clear) as it will rarely be fastest time for course that determines the winner.


Yes - for normal TT’s and races. As Artem noted, you just picked an event which is not managed the “normal” TT way.

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Hi Artem, thank you for your reply’s, I’ll persevere with it.


Thanks for clarification, Dean! I’ve not encountered this type of an event before + English is only my third language so alltogether it got a bit confusing on why this happened. Glad to see that I was plus or minus correct. Neil, have fun racing!

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Sorry to dredge this up, but it’s happened to me before and it happened this morning. Rode the ZHR Masters TT on Tempus fugit at 10:30 UK time an it shows on Zwiftpower in my activities(but with the wrong time), but not in Zwiftpower. On the companion app it shows I rode but doesn’t give me the results. It shows up in Strava, again with the wrong time and also in Training Peaks and Garmin Connect.
I’m finding that it regularly gets the time wrong too. I know what time it showed when I finished and it added over 2 minutes to that. The time shown on the screen at the end matched what I had on my stopwatch.
If this doesn’t improve, I’m going back to RGT and that’s less expensive too!

Have you checked zwift power? As if there are rules regarding wearing heart rate monitors for example you will get disqualified from the main results, however your data will still show on zwift power and in the unfiltered tab on the results page

Hey Michael … looks like you had a data error somewhere in the Zwiftverse right at the time you finished the race. You appear in the event but you have to tap the “Live” tab. It shows that you completed the 16km race course but with a +0 time and listed in the non-finishers section.

The reason it looks like a data error is that you dont have results of the race in Companion App activities and this is a symptom often found when the data error is between your Zwift device and Zwift servers.

Throwing your log file for that event onto may highlight some network issues (feel free to “share” the link to the results if you do this and need help interpreting).

On a simlar topic, I’m not sure what to make of this? Two different results on the two platforms, Zwift and Zwiftpower, but I’m pretty sure I ended up 10th in the race.