Zwift race results not showing in Zwift power

i am having a problem with my results showing in Zwift power, this has happened all of a sudden after racing and being on the platform for more than 3 years. in game i can see everyone else and ride with thme as normal but they cannot see me at all! its been like this for the last month!

i have sent zwift multople emails and they have done nothing about it except send empty email promises.

i dont show up as finishing the race and also the result does not refelect in Zwiftpower or the zwift companion app

please help

you are not the only one with this problem. Administrators live their lives, we live ours

Do the results show up eventually? I did the 5th stage of the Tour de Zwift and no results in Zwiftpower…

Maybe a dumb question, but are you running the latest version of Zwift? Is your Windows, Mac, iPad, or whatever OS updated?

If you don’t show up as finishing the race, then you’re not going to show in the results on ZP or the Companion app.

Agree with this - smacks of a network problem (not necessarily yours) despite you seeing other riders. Have you tried dropping a log file from one of those rides onto Also can you provide Zwiftpower event ID for a couple of the events that this applies to.

Check your privacy settings on your Zwift account. If they’re set to private, this can interfere.

I did not get a ranking result at all for the Fast Fridays Masters TT where I came 28 out of 43 and second (1 second back) in my age category (70-74) in a reasonable time. There seemed to be a cut off at about 26th. Is there a position below which no ranking result is given at all?
What is really bizarre is that I did the Asia Masters Race on Tuesday and received a race ranking of 567.86. Somebody who was five places below me and 1mnt 20 secs slower and in category B (ie 40-50) got a race ranking of 451.79 (previous ranking 598.40)
It is not very encouraging to see somebody that you beat receiving a 16 point better race ranking in that race and there were other similarly strange results.
Why dont they just say the points are awarded randomly?

Looks fine but I didnt do the maths to check. A couple of comments though @Steve_Shore:

  • add a column to the results screen called “rank before”
  • make sure you really understand the FAQ - its not easy but the concepts are
  • if you are rank hunting, always use race quality to check whether you are likely to get any points

If I look at the results for the first race you mention, you will see a bunch of people ahead of you didnt get any ranking points either. Fundamentally, you needed to finish further up the results and where you ranking would have qualified you for some points. The rider that was 2nd has 206 ranking points - his ranking suggests he is very fast but his problem is that for him to improve he has to find very high quality races for his Cat - that particular race wasnt, for him which is why, despite 2nd, he didnt move up ranking.

I dont fully understand the maths but as a rule, I check the race quality (see snip below) and if the quality is better than my ranking and has enough riders, I’ll race. You do have to check for out of Cat riders though, as they seem to skew race quality and once they are DQ, even with a win you may notget points.

Many thanks for your reply but that does not explain why someone more than a minute behind me in the Asia Masters got a ranking for that race of 451.79 (previous ranking 598.4) while I got a ranking of 567.86 (no previous ranking)? It is difficult to see a rational explanation for that.
I get the impression from what you say that for you yourself, as for many of the other riders, race quality just is not working and the idea that this pushes you and other riders to avoid races they would otherwise want to enter is not a good one. Personally I think that the whole race quality idea should be scrapped and that ranking should be purely worked out on an algorithm based on your relative position against other riders in any given race and their ranking (ignoring any DQs late starts etc) regardless of a byzantine “race quality” calculation.

Further investigation has revealed a major flaw in Zwift ranking for Masters Racing which makes it virtually meaningless. Basically Zwift seems to treat the age categories as Power Categories !
For example someone in the 35-40 age (B) category, third in his category with a time of 1:11:41, got a ranking of 451.79 because it is treated as a “higher” category. On the other hand I, coming second in the 70-74 (I) category got a ranking of 567.86 because it is treated as a “lower” category instead of being treated as a better result because I am in an “older” category. The rider second in the 75+ (J) category with a time of 1:11:42 did not get any points at all even though he was immediately behind the 40-50 year old, presumably because he was considered to be in a “lower” category not an “older” category. B translates to A category in Zwift age categories and I and J translates to E category which was what Zwift probably used but the same principle applies of course.

Hi Steve

No didnt look at the specifics beyond what I mentioned but will have a little nosey later. You could well be right that when they use Cats for anything other than power based ranking against the defined Cats, then its goes wonky. That may also be related to the problems they are having with results at the moment with ZP.

Re race quality not working - it works fine for me . I get points when I expect, dont get them when I dont expect. And in fact as someone near the top of my Cat, I care less about podiums when and more about rankings. I dont think its brilliant however - in my timezone, I generally have low quality races and have to race in at 3am to get good fields.

Will have a look at your specific points later today but from your 2nd note, if you are correct and its based on power cats, you can ask the race organiser/Zwiftpower team to reset the results. Not even sure they can work for age based cats tbh as Zwift wont change me from being 120yr old so the only age race I have entered I got DQ for being in wrong cat!!