No race results

Hi I just completed a Zwift race and the results are not visible on the Zwift companion app, only on Zwift power, never had this happen before.

I can’t see any reason why this would happen.

I can’t see your actual event because your account is private, but looking at our end, it all looks fine - there’s an event start and finish notification (the lack of the latter would cause an issue).

It looks like it’s specific to the event. I just checked someone else in that race and they don’t show up either.

Looks to be because the event isn’t set up to show race results, which explains everything.

(I’ve also changed that so it doesn’t happen again)

Not one of mine, I hope - all ZHR should be set to show no results, until such time as we can filter them in the same way as on ZwiftPower

No, Team Draft.

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