No race results pop-up screen after finishing

After several races in the last weeks I did not get the results table pop-up in Zwift. I just finish, see all other riders appear as a sign that I left the race event and that I’m back in the regular crowded Zwift world, but I do not see the results screen informing me of my position, time and watts in the race event. Is this bug?

Of course I can look on zwiftpower but due to the opt-in system a lot of riders are not on Zwiftpower so I have no idea at wat place I actually finished :neutral_face:

Hi Arjen,

Just for my own clarification, are you not seeing the race results screen on all the events you’ve participated in recently or was it just one specific event where the race results screen did not appear?

I examined your ride activity for the last few weeks and I see no indication that you left any events early or failed to complete any races/events. It’s mysterious that your race results screen did not populate upon your conclusion of any of the events you participated in. It sounds like it could be a game bug or perhaps it could be a problem with your setup, but we’ll need more information.

Can you recall the approximate time and date that you participated in an event that failed to populate the race results screen?

I look forward to your reply.

Some races purposely do not use the results screen, so that people will check the results on ZwiftPower after they’re filtered instead of relying on in-game results that may not be correct. :slight_smile: (I think KISS is the biggest race organizer that makes this choice.)

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Some riders mentioned that they didn’t get the results table after the Volt group ride yesterday morning at 06:15 BST. I was in the ride and got it but others didn’t. This is one of the first group rides that was out of the normal world i.e. the day was an Insbruck day but we rode the Greater London loop if that helps pin point the issue.


the results table can be selected by Race organizers. Most of them opt not to use it so that more people will subscribe to Zwift power so that we can get races back to pre GDPR days.

Zwit power does a lot of work to filters and sort results.

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Indeed it was a KISS race, thanks.

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In some races I did see the results table, in some I didn’t. I didn’t know that race organizers are able to choose to show or not show the results screen. This is probably what caused it.

I think it would be better to show the results in Zwift after every race, after all, while in the race hou worry about caching the guys in front of you and not being caught by those behind jou, and not about finishing above only those riders who have opted in on Zwiftpower.

In one race I sprinted for first place, got caught by a few riders, due to almost dying on nu trainer I had no idea at what place I finished and in Zwiftpower clearly a lot of riders were not included in the results. So now I have no idea at what place I actually finished in this rather painful sprint…