Won my first class C race, but I don't show on the results screen?

Hey everyone!
First post in the zwift forums!

So I did a class C race. (zwiftpower event id: 3013787) But for some reason I don’t show up in any of the results, either on zwiftpower or in the zwift companion app.
It’s very strange, in the companion app it shows that I have done the event, and all my power, heartrate etc data show up, but my time or position still aren’t there.

When I crossed the line my name didn’t show up, but a second later the guy behind me finishes and his name shows up as first position?

Has anyone experienced this before? Or know any way to fix it?


You’re on the live page as not having finished; it shows you on 19.4KM of a 19.5KM race. Either a connection issue right as you crossed the line or some other bug, I’m afraid. It’s not unheard of.

You won’t be able to fix it for this event, sorry.

Hi @Jarrod_Mower

I checked your Zwift account and my internal tools show that you joined the race and started the event, but there’s no “Event Finished” showing on your account for that race, which means that as far as the Zwift app is concerned, the race wasn’t completed. Usually this is the result of something like an internet connection dropout or some other technical issue that prevented Zwift from flagging the ride for completion.

This doesn’t usually happen, but sometimes does happen. I’m sorry to say that due to technical limitations, we’re unable to upload the .FIT file to mark the event as completed on your account, nor can we manually enter your results into the race results. I apologize for the inconvenience.