Why was my name not listed in the standings after my first race?

I entered my first event last evening with my wife and neither of our names were displayed in the results. Why would that be? Also the time that we finished and the time that is posted on our activities aren’t the same. The race took me 53:45, Strava shows 54.:11 and my Zwift activities shows 1:06.

Any info would help. I’m trying to decide if Zwift is the program for me. Atr this point I’m not so sure.

Have you created an account on zwiftpower.com and linked it to Zwift?

Each of those times represent something different:

  1. Race time is the time from the start of the race until you cross the finish line.
  2. Strava time will be the total ride from start to finish which will include coasting to a stop after you
    cross the finish line for the race (you coasted for another 26 seconds after crossing the line)
  3. The total zwift time I believe includes the time you were on the trainer getting warmed up before the race.

When you ask about not showing up in the results do you mean within the game or on Zwift Power? I haven’t paid that much attention but I think on occasion I don’t see my name within Zwift because it shows the winners, then jumps to the end and if enough people finish after me, I don’t see my name. At other times I have seen it. Zwiftpower will show you your results relative only to those who are signed up for Zwiftpower which isn’t necessarily everyone in the race.

Thanks for the input. I signed up for Zwift power, but never see my name in the results. The results seems to have everyone listed except myself and my wife. At this point I figure that it<S because we are on a free trial.



I am signed up for Zwiftpower, does it link automatically to Zwift^ If not how can I link the two^

Thanks for the help


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Here is the link: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/how-to-fully-connect-to-zwift-power-HyxPkCkSQ


It looks like Paul gave you great information. After you do that, if you still don’t see your results, try hitting the regenerate results button on ZiwftPower in the upper right hand corner of the results page for the race you were in.



Wow thanks a million, it worked!!

I came in last in the C group but at least I have the results! Haha


Glen Noseworthy

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Hello sorry I followed this link with the same problem as the person who created this, I cannot follow this link to the page. Does it still exist? I opted into zwift power on zwift and then I got zwift id and put that in zwift power and then entered the 4 digit code in my name and successfully linked the two properly. I raced before doing the latter… I clicked regenerate results and I’m still not appearing. Any ideas?


Forget that I looked at unfiltered results. Although my trainer is recognised as power I’m being listed as zpower… So probably disqualified.