Zwift Power frustration

Please help. I would like to start racing on Zwift, I’ve never done a Zwift race before, so I’ve signed up for a Zwift Power account. It’s been quite a few days, and I’ve ridden Zwift every day, but there’s still no data in my Zwift Power profile, no training rides, no power curve, etc.

My account is linked to Strava, and it says verified in the Zwift Power profile. I’ve also entered a race this coming Thursday, but I can’t see my name on the ‘sign ups’ list, on Zwift power page, despite it saying I’ve entered on Zwift website.

Am I doing something wrong, or misunderstanding something?

Zwift Power only records events. So do a group ride, or a race, and data should show up.

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No, you dont need zwiftpower to race… it is just where the “real” results live as organizers can filter and DQ people out of the race results. You can enter races regardless of having a zwiftpower linked account.

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Ah, ok. Thanks. Do you know why I can’t see my sign-up for the race I’ve entered?

How long ago did you sign up? It might just take a while to show up on zwiftpower

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About 2 hours.

Can I view my race sign-ups anywhere on the Zwift website, or in the Zwift companion app?

Yes, use the companion app, it should be right in the main page when it opens.

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Yeah, it can take a while. Check the race entry list (on Zwift Power) - does your name show up there?

Nope :disappointed: :man_facepalming:

Could still just be delayed. What event?

If you check Zwift Companion Events, do you find your event there? And does your name appear in that list?

Zwift Crit Racing Club - Neokyo crit course
Thur. 28th
15:40 CET

I can see I’m signed up in the companion app. :+1:

But nothing on ZwiftPower website.

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I dont know if zwiftpower looks that far ahead?

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This is false; if you go to your profile and click on Activities you will see everything you’ve done (including free-rides).

Interesting. I did not know that.

Still doesn’t seem to factor non-event rides into your performance stats though…?

on ZP specifically? I have no idea…
obviously however Cat Enforcement looks at everything though, free rides, workouts, group rides, races; all of those go into your zFTP and zMAP for your CE rating… but that’s not ZP related.

(also, don’t feel bad, I just discovered that in the past month or so myself, it is handy! private only though)

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