I don't show up in Zwift Power

I just signed up for an event on Zwift but my name does not show up on the signups list in Zwift Power. Do I need to connect these two in any way? I have created an account on Zwift Power as well.

It usually takes up to 30 min to populate onto signups on zwiftpower. If you want direct confirmation just check companion app.

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Thanks for the quick response! Then I will wait for the data to get transferred.
When I search my name in the zwiftpower rankings, shouldn’t my name be in there? I have done a couple of races the past month.

The search only works on the top whatever of the list (also depending on if filters are active or not). You can see your ranking on your profile page, click on Info to also see position within various groups.

Thank you! I realized that my problem was that I was not even connected to Zwiftpower… Signing up to the site with the same email as my Zwift account was apparently not enough :wink:
I followed these instructions which solved the problem though… [Connecting to ZwiftPower] on the Zwift support site.