Recently joined zwift power and my Zwift data is not showing in ZP

I have recently joined zwift power and my Zwift data is not showing in ZP, I have friends who joined as well and their data transferred over. I tried deleting my account and re-joining but this does not work. Can you help please in rectifying this. Thank you.

It may be that you have not done any Events, Group Rides or Group Workouts or Races (generally all signed up for prior to starting). These load into your Profile.

Free rides that you do should go through to your ZwiftPower Activities tab which is different to your Profile results.

Of which key sections are

Q: Why aren’t my past events showing up on ZwiftPower that occurred prior to me creating my ZwiftPower account?

A: When you sign up for ZwiftPower, events that you completed prior to signing up with ZwiftPower will not show on your profile. Only the events that you participate in after your Zwift and ZwiftPower accounts are connected will display.”


“Remember, meetups, workouts, and free rides you organize with friends and free rides don’t show up in ZwiftPower.”

Are you in just your profile? It will only show races, group ride/events after you join. BUT if you click activities icon to the right of your name at the top left if will show all your activities from past Zwift riding. If need be, after that page opens, there is an icon to the right that says update activity, that will refresh anythings within the last few hours. I might add the past events aren’t fully listed in the activites.