ZWIFT rides not showing up in ZwiftPower

None of my newer rides in ZWIFT are not showing up in ZWIFT Power. Most of the rides done in 2023 are not included. Can/should I re-connect or what needs to be done ?

Are you talking about events (races, group rides, group workouts) or free ride / solo workout activities? If it’s an event it would be helpful to know the event ID or the name/date/time of the event. If you can find that you can figure out if it thinks you finished it or not. If it’s a free ride it should show up in the Activities tab.

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Looking at your CA activity reports you have only done 2 group/event rides in 2023 and both show on your profile page.

Individual rides and individual workouts do not go across to your profile page.

They do:

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Check your activity privacy settings in the companion app, under More > Privacy > Activity privacy default. I think it needs to be set to Public in order for them to show up on Zwiftpower’s list.

Possibly your terminology and mine are different. I call the page you have shown as either Activities page or ActivitiesTab. As Paul says above all your Zwift rides should go through to your activities tab.

I tend to call this page as my Profile page but that doesn’t mean it is.

And individual rides or individual workouts do not go through to this page.

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I have the same issue. I have the last ride from 2022. Nothing in 2023 at all. I’m logging into zwift power after a long time and hadn’t noticed it!