Rides/Races not showing up in Zwift Power

I’m a newbie here, but I’ve registered, opted in weeks ago and for whatever reason none of my rides are showing up in Zwift Power?

Any idea?

Gidday Adam … welcome to the forums.

Your recent rides will appear in the Activities tab, under your profile (sometimes you need to refresh by hitting the Update Activity List button). Only events are listed under your default profile view and by the looks of it, your last event was May. Also, only events that you have completed since joining Zwiftpower will be listed.


Thanks for the speedy reply, since signing up to Zwift Power I’ve actually done a 30k Makuri Islands ride on 11/15 and a ramp test yesterday, both of which are reflected in my Zwift companion app but not in Zwift Power. I’ve hit refresh numerous times with no change.

Right, so just to clarify, you are looking here for your rides and hitting the Update button?

And not here and hitting Refresh button:

If the rides are not appearing in the Activities list, its likely a data issue between Zwift and Zwiftpower. You could contact Zwift support but tbh, and based on what I see in the forums, they are very likely not going to do much about this as its a legacy platform, and unless its an issue effecting events and masses of people, they focus on more prominent bug fixes elsewhere.

That’s correct - maybe i’ll deactivate my zwiftpower profile and try starting from scratch. Thanks for the insight.

If your rides are not being loaded into your Activities list on Zwiftpower then you need to change your Zwift Privacy settings to Public.

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pretty sure I am public, where is that setting? I can’t seem to find it


Thanks, just checked and it was already public. Also just did Alpe du Zwift, and there’s still nothing showing up in my Zwift Power activities.

Are those events that you’re doing though? Free rides and workouts (including an FTP test) won’t show up in Zwiftpower.

They are individual activities so they [should] show up in the ZP Profile>> Activities list, and hitting Update activity list normally pulls in any recent missing ones - but he confirmed he’s done that above.

I looked at all his CA activities going back a while the other day for signs of the odd data issue, but the activities are all clean so :man_shrugging:

I did not know that! Thank you for the correction.

Thanks gents, I’ve deleted my Zwift Power account and am going to start from scratch. I’m gonna do a race tonight, and if that doesn’t work I guess I’m just SOL.