Zwift power not syncing my zwift rides

Hello zwifters… I’m pretty new to this , and by my own admission admit its very addictive and great fun… I have a little glitch I’m trying to sort out, if anyone can help… My zwiftpower account was working fine, but my last 3 rides haven’t appeared on my zwiftpower page, although they have appeared on my strava account… Is there something I can do to sort this out… thanks … tommy

Did you change your status to private?

no mate, I havent changed anything… i wouldnt know how to even do that :slight_smile:

Your last 3 rides were personal workouts so you should find them under >>Profile>>Activities (you may need to hit the update button).

The rides listed under your default Profile view are Zwift/community organised events, so personal rides/meetups etc wont appear there.