Sync problems with Zwiftpower?

Just noticed that the last two events that I’ve participated in have not synced with Zwiftpower. One was a workout that other was a race. I have changed anything and double checked that my privacy settings are set to public. Any idea what might be going on? I note that I dnf’d the race … maybe that’s why that one didn’t sync? But not sure why the workout didn’t sync.

UPDATE: All of my recent rides (free rides, workouts, events) DO appear in my ZwiftPower “Activities” tab … it’s just that the workouts & races don’t appear on my summary page. Not sure why??

Your profile is private so cant check what the activities were but if your workout was an individual/meetup, then that wont appear in the events list, only your activities list.

What was the ZP eventid for the race? Might be a few clues lurking. Also, are you listed as a finisher in the Race Results on the Companion App/Zwift?

Hi Dean
Thanks for replying. When you talk about my profile being private do you mean in zwift or zwiftpower? I thought i double checked that my zwift profile is public.
In terms of the event, I dnf’d this one and did not appear in the results - may explain that one.
For the workout, it was an individual workout so thanks for clarifying that they don’t appear.

Looks i should just hop into a race or group workout, finish it this time and confirm that everything is as it should be in the zwift world :slight_smile:

Yeah its your Companion App / Zwift profile that is private.

Most of the time, when you dont complete an “event”, you still appear in the Live list under the profile events. It just lists you in the bottom of the list which captures non-finishers, so you still see some stats.

I did my first group workout last night … way better than I thought it would be and very motivating knowing everyone else is equally suffering too :slight_smile: I do enjoy the racing but beware that sandbaggers is an issue at the moment but it looks like Zwift are sorting that over the coming months.