Zwift not syncing with Zwiftpower

Today I entered the Zwift Riders Germany Gruppenfahrt (Ride) and completed it on Zwift, but no details were uploaded to Zwiftpower. This, despite the fact that previous rides had been uploaded. Is there a rational explanation for this?

I assume you registered on Zwiftpower and folowed all these steps?

Of course. All of my previous rides were uploaded OK. This was the first time uploading failed. The ride is registered on Strava and Zwift itself, but no record on Zwiftpower.

We can help you troubleshoot if rides aren’t registering on Zwift, but that’s not the case here.

ZwiftPower is a third party site, so it’d be best to ask them to advise. admin AT zwiftpower DOT com is listed as a contact email.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

Ted, I just checked the ride and you are in the result on Zwiftpower, position #110

Thanks, Jacek.

However, It’s the Gruppenfahrt ride on December 4 that’s missing.

The one you looked at is November 27, which was recorded OK.

I have seen a list of results via other members’ data and my ride does not appear,

although, as I wrote, it appears in Zwift and Strava.



Just had the same issue. Check the privacy setting for this individual activity in Zwift, make sure it’s set to “Public”.