Zwift not uploading group rides


Since Sunday 24th Jan 2021 I have done 2 group rides. The TDZ stage 5 on Sunday morning and a Herd Group ride last night 27th Jan 2021. Neither of these group rides were saved correctly to zwift and my strava account. In the Zwift companion app on my iPhone they only appear as a summary with no additional ride data. On the zwift dot com feed they again only appear as a summary and won’t load when I select to view the ride in detail. For both rides, I did they same routine:

Start zwift on windows, let it update then and then login.
Select a world and do a 15 to 20 min warmup ride.
Let zwift take me automatically to the start of the event I had pre-registered for. Zwift saves the warmup ride without any problems.
Do the group ride as normal.
When finished the group ride, exit zwift, saving the ride details.

I don’t have any connectivity issues and I can see both fit files in the Activities folder. I have the latest windows zwift version, it updated last Sunday and then again last night. This issue only started on Sunday, I’ve never had an issue previously to this uploading an activity after a group ride. Both fit files I could manually load to strava.

Is this a bug in the latest windows version of Zwift?


The same has happened to me. All group rides since TDZ stage 7 won’t load. I’ve done a fair few as well. Just comes up on the companion app as activity details could not be loaded. I’ve emailed zwift support a number of times but not got a response

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This has happened 3 times to my wife…

Yesterday i did a group ride, ZHR Audax, Cat C, 100 km, 4 pm, Euro time. It won’t not show up (the whole ride) on Zwiftpower but it’s in my activities, strava and Garmin connect.