Group ride not showing in "My Activities" and not counting towards Zwift Academy 2017

I completed the Men’s Endurance Ride at 10am (UK time) on 23 September.  I did the activity on a laptop running the latest version of MacOS.  The activity uploaded to Strava, but has not appeared in “My Activities” on the Zwift dashboard.  There is a .fit file on my laptop, but it appears to be corrupt.  This means that despite the group ride being a Zwift Academy event, it hasn’t counted towards my progress for the Academy.

Has anyone else had this issue and if so, is there a fix please?  Since then I’ve done other activities on an iOS device and haven’t had any issues, so am wondering whether it is something particular to MacOS after the most recent mid-September update?

Hi Paul,

Please open up a support ticket and include the .FIT file for that ride (located in your Documents\Zwift\Activities folder). We’ll manually add it to your progress and keep track for you.

We can repair that .FIT file using as well. Did it upload properly to Today’s Plan? If so, then it is being analyzed by our coaches as well. Don’t worry, you won’t lose out on your progress!