Last ride not showing in My Activities but it has appeared in Strava


My last ride in Watopia 20/09/17 does not appear in my activities but it is in Strava.

Any reason for this?



My Sunday (September 17) group ride correctly uploaded via Zwift to Strava at 19.9mi in 1:00:14. shows that ride as 0 KM in 0 HRS 0 MIN, though starting at at the correct start time.

Hi Neil,

Sounds like a possible internet issue or a glitch, especially if it was the first time this has happened.

You can always find your .FIT file in your Documents\Zwift\Activities folder and manually upload it to Strava. You can then open a support ticket if it happens again and we can investigate further.


hey guys, git a similar issue here. Somehow the termination of a ride causes problems on Mac systems. The fit file is there in the documents register, bit also a corrupted fractal. The upload of the activity to Strava worked correctly though. I had the Zwift Mobile App connected as well and at first a small file from a warm up run was created ok, when I switched to the planned activity. Trying to import to GoldenCheetah showed, what is on my hard drive, see first pic here shown in blue marking, those were 3 activities with small warm up runs in front. 6 files were created in total. The window right below this text here shows, what GoldenCheetah shows, when I try to start the import. The “Error - local type 2 without previous definition” hints somewhere towards a compatibility problem in the software or wrong handlers or whatever. Interestingly only the last ride from 18th does not show up in my Zwift activity list. It is unclear, why. The rest I can handle, but I give the info, because I’m hoping, it might be useful for you! Can you please check, what the problem is? Do I do something wrong? I just end the ride always with the “safe to strava and quit” button, then the session ends. By the way, it was the first time on 18th, that I had Zwift mobile Link connected, and that is the only activity  missing in the Zwift activities list. 



I"m having the exact same problem and once again on a MacBook Pro.  All since the latest software release. When finished, the ride loads up automatically to my Strava, Today’s Plan and the new Garmin Connect link.  Just not to my activities feed.

Same problem here on MacOS.  File uploads to Strava, Today’s Plan and (as it was a group ride that counts towards the 2017 Zwift Academy) even increases the % completion of the Zwift Academy on the academy website.  But it doesn’t appear on my Zwift dashboard.

The Zwift dashboard is showing that I have completed 53% of the Zwift Academy, whereas the official academy site is showing 60% completion.

Same here - ZMl works but no activities are showing just 0km and this disappears when I re log into ZML