Ride this morning not showing up in dashboard or on Strava?

At the end of my ride this morning, I clicked save + strava, but the ride is not showing up in my dashboard or on strava. But my total mileage on the dashboard seems to include today’s ride. Is this a widespread issue today?

+1. Same problem for me.

I have exactly the same problem. 21 miles this morning are not showing as an activity but do show the total miles in the dashboard, also nothing showing on Strava for this ride.

Same happened to me. It was my inaugural Zwift ride though.

You can upload GPX file manually if the ride didn’t show up in Strava on its own - it will be in your My Documents/Zwift/Activities folder. It used to be all manual until relatively recently.

That seems to have done the trick. Thanks!

Cool, thanks for the info. Loaded right up to Strava.


My files (Mac OS X) are .fit files. Are there .gpx files in another location?

Does Zwift store activities as .gpx files on Windows?

Path: [HD]/Users/[user]/Documents/Zwift/Activities/…

Kevin, you’re absolutely correct - they are .FIT files. Sorry for misinforming you guys, there is no GPX files in Zwift it seems


I had the same issue. Uploading the .fit file works, however the next workout again didn’t upload.

After doing another manual upload, I went into the zwift folder where it keeps the .fit files and moved the files out to a different location to keep them as a backup, thus emptying the folder keeping the .fit files

Once I had removed and did another couple of workouts, it uploaded these automatically after the ride. So in my case it somehow seems that having too many .fit files caused the issues.