.fit file but nothing showing in dashboard?

I have a .fit file from my ride earlier today; but nothing is showing in the dashboard. Is there some way to manually import the file or get it to refresh?


See my post ‘Fit Files and Strava’ from 3 days ago.  I was experiencing a similar problem and it may answer your question / issue also.

Regards Steve

Thanks, Steve. Does not appear to be the same issue. I’m using the same laptop and files are saved/accessed locally on the hard drive. As of today, the workout is still now showing in my Zwift activities dashboard. I’ll try emailing support.

Hi.  Since emailing you seems I am still having the same problem also, no files showing on my dashboard.  I have logged a support ticket with Zwift, if I hear back soon I will post on here.  If you could do the same that would be great.

Cheers Steve

I also logged support ticket. No response to that, or to this post so far.

Hi, did you get a response yet from Zwift on the ticket you logged.  I got mine working.

Sent log files this morning. Apparently no way to import the .fit file to Zwift, I was able to manually load it into Garmin Connect/Strave, though.

If you go to the Documents folder under Libraries on your PC/laptop (right click it) and select properties, you should see at least 1 library location folder, maybe more.  Which one is ticked i.e. what is the name / path of the one that is set as the save location?  This can effect the .fit file (even though the .fit files are visible) depending on the save location which in turns stops it from auto-uploading to Strava and showing on the Zwift dashboard.

Also, if you click on the arrow (show hidden icons) in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, does Java script require updating.  If it does it will be in here.  Java needs to have the latest copy installed.