Segment group ride not counting

Hi, I’ve just completed a segment group ride which is not ticked of as counting towards graduation. Is there some lagging right now?

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Mine counts in companion but not in zwift application

I had two groups rides before and still two now in the dashboard. The missing ride is listed in my zwift profile alright. Can I contact someone to have it fixed?

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Hi Morten.
If you haven’t had your ride credited, please email me with your Zwift ID, the type of ZA event and the date you completed and I will check up on your credit request.


This evening about 20 30 I joined and completed a group workout 7 for Zwift ACADAMEY ROAD.
unfortunately it didnt upload properly and i have lost all the data.Can it be retrieved from the Temporary files on my laptop?

I also did 4 races/group rides, but only received credit for three. The last one Nov 17th 11:00 AM UTC+1 wasn’t counted. Data was all working fine and is loaded up to ZP and Strava as well. Is there any place where you can get that fixed?

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Hi Maya,

If you haven’t had your ride credited, please email me Sam-mobberley@zwift.comwith your Zwift ID, the type of ZA event and the date you completed and I request your missing ride to be credited. How to find your Zwift ID:

I am having a similar issue. The companion app shows I finished 8/8 workouts and 4/4 group rides but only shows 91% complete! It also shows I have all the unlocks but it didn’t actually unlock the bike.

(And why is there an upload image button but it says you are not allowed to upload when you try to use it?)


Were currently working on a mass fix for the 91% bug! I will update this forum further once I receive feedback from ZHQ. Cheers.


Hi, I have also had the same issue with a group ride that has not counted towards my ZA progress. (the group activities in ZA also still only say 3/4 complete) the ride is on zwift power and my companion app though.

Sam - I have emailed you my details too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Plus one. I completed all 8 workouts and 3 group rides and 1 race on Zwift Academy. The icons show that I have completed 8/8 and 4/4 events, but progress bar reads 91% and thus not graduated. I had Corona virus for 12 days and could not do more.

Last week after emailing support back and forth a bit my progress bar was updated from 91 to 100 percent. I was told to expect the final rewards to show up within a few days. Several days later they sent me a (likely automated) follow-up email. I replied and let them know the rewards were still missing and they promptly replied to let me know that I should expect to wait a few weeks for the rewards to show up, and to not bother contacting them in the mean time.

At least they are responding I suppose…