Zwift Academy Road 2020 Issues

Hey everyone, we are aware of some bugs relating to Zwift Academy Road credits, which appear to impact those who registered early. We are working on a fix and are estimating everything will be resolved over the next 48 hours.

We will also credit you with any rides you may have done for ZA but have not gotten credit for yet. More specifically - if you’ve already jumped ahead and done more than ZA Road workout #1, you may notice that you haven’t received credit for that yet. Not to worry - we’ll get you credited with no additional steps on your end.

There’s also a small subgroup who may have unlocked every item and completed the Academy on day 1 due to a registration bug. We will also get you folks sorted and automatically give you credit for just the things you’ve earned so far.

Lastly - Academy veterans may have noticed that the progress tracker in Zwift Companion isn’t displaying. We’re working on that one too! In the meantime, check your progress on

More info on our Support Hub, here:


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I registered in the first hours but it doesn’t appear that it was noted. Should I sign up again or will itcause an issue? Thanks


That’s odd. Would you screenshot the landing page of the game app (where you select the world & route) to show us what you’re seeing?

Then go ahead and re-register for ZA. It shouldn’t cause any problems. Then if you don’t mind, show us the after screenshot?

I chose Join Now and after hitting accept on the Terms and conditions it showed me registered with 0% complete, which is true. It seemed like the first time I did this there was a lot more to do and I was taken to Today’s plan to sign up. At Today’s Plan it shows my Premium Access has expired.

Thanks for uploading the before and after. It looks like you’re successfully registered for the Academy on Zwift’s end.

As far as the 0/8 workouts thing - I’m assuming you did complete the workout and ran into that crediting bug. Please give us a couple days to sort that out - you should receive credit after we fix it without having to do anything on your end.

If you’re getting redirected to Today’s Plan, have you linked your Zwift account to Training Plans under your profile settings? Details about that are here

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Thanks and no worries as I haven’t completed anything so far.

On the Zwift Academy web pages the descriptions for the two Cat B segment Group rides have been switched.

I have completed WO 1 yesterday, I received no credit for it. Whenwill this be sorted or do I need to redo it?


Hey Shuji … I was one of those that got the whole Academy kit and the congrats. I’d completed WO #1 and Group Ride on first day. This morning I got stripped down to everything except the bike LOL I’ve lost the kit, cap and even socks LOL

Is that correction right? I won’t get the kit till I finish everything?

Hi Shuji, I think I might be one of the early registrations affected by these issues, but it seems to be worse in my case. I registered on 9 September, got an email confirmation, and some confirmation was showing up on screen. I’ve done the first workout, but am not seeing any kind of progress tracker, not even on myzwift. Nor did I get any FTP credit for blasting the 8min FTP test in WO1 – the on-screen messages implied I would but then nada. I’m still seeing multiple “join” messages in various formats every time I use myzwift or the companion app as if I’m not registered. I’d attach a screenshot but the system keeps rejecting it.

In the first workout there seems to be a bug where the interval for the free ride started and ended a minute too early thereby recording a much lower average power. I have a screenshot showing the mis-timed interval on Today’s Plan - but it is only reading the outputs of Zwift.

I have 283W instead of what I saw on the screen during the workout which was 303W.

Hi Shuji, I just attempted to do WO1 and been disconnected 8 min before the end just before the free ride… the app closed on my phone so had to restart it and they asked me if I wanted to jump back into my activity…great ! Only to see I was gonna restart from the start and the warm up !!! I love being on my bike but come on !!
Any way to sort this out ?

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Zwift Academy Road Men dashboard is continued not showing my first ZA road ride.

The ride is in my regular activity feed though ( It got perfectly recorded, as well as it got uploaded automatically on Strava.

I opened a support ticket 02OCT, but I’ve only received a standard / automatic response so far, without any tangible feedback on resolution.

Meanwhile, ZA WO1 got recorded and credited perfectly yesterday.

Thanks for any help!

Hi John, have you had a response to this? I’m having exactly the same issues.

Any news?!?!?!

I finished WO 2 and dont get it? The first post say, wait 48h, nothing to do, but nothing is resolved?

Ride on and on and on…

Not yet Hayden. Hopefully once everyone wakes up after the weekend, but I’m not doing further academy rides until this is fixed


Today I fully completed the ZA Road WO #1 - Aerobic Power workout. The ride failed to upload to Zwift. It shows as an file on my Android Tablet. My internet is working fine. I have since been able to upload the file to Garmin Connect which correctly shows the results and graphs. Is there any way to upload this file to Zwift or have the workout credited to the Zwift Academy.