No credit Zwift Academy 2023 Stage 2

I just finished Zwift Academy Stage 2, 5 PM Eastern time. It was supposed to be a group workout. I was lined up at the beginning with everyone else just fine in plenty of time (7 minutes or so). I noticed there were no prompts though for the workout. I noticed instead of everyone sticking together though we quickly spread out. I eventually finished 25th out of 50. When I closed though I noticed I received no credit for the ride.

I really hope this is not a repeat of the last zwift academy where I never got my phenotype and there were repeated problems with getting credit. I have not had any problems since then, including Tour of Watopia. Zwift needs to figure this out. Like I said, no problems since the last Academy.

Zwift guys, give me credit for Stage 2, please. I bet I was not the only one with the issue!

The group not staying together is by design this year. I’m not sure about the other issues but that one is expected.

I am missing the 2nd workout credit. I performed the “Fatigue fighter” workout (shorter version) during a standalone ride but no credit for the completion (full stars). What’s wrong with that? I’d like to receive the credit.

You’re not the only one…