Zwift Academy Tri 2020 Issues

We have discovered an issue with the ZA Tri workouts where you might not get credit for a workout when you complete it.

We are working on a fix and will ensure that you are correctly credited before ZA Tri ends on December 23.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Hi, I completed Tri Academy - Run 1 workout - on Oct 29 on my own (not in the group event schedule) and did not receive credit for it. Will it count or do you have to use the group scheduled events to get credit? Also, I completed Bike 1 today and at the end just before after the cool down started, Zwift program locked up (windows 10 computer app). In the feed it just shows a regular ride. should it show the bike 1 workout completed? On the academy page it shows credit. just confusing. I fear i will complete a workout and it freeze up again and not get credit. Thanks, this is a great platform and a great academy.

hi, my third zwift tri bike workout didnt get credited. it should’ve beeen 3 runs, and 3 bikes. but only showing 5 total workouts. please let me know how to fix this, thanks.

Do you know if we will receive credit once this big is fixed? I just did workout 3 and did not get credit. Please let me know

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When should we expect this bug to be fixed? Should we continue doing workouts? Or wait till there is a fix?

All - we have discovered a bug when crediting Zwifters for Zwift Academy Tri workouts. This bug applies only to Bike Workouts #3 & #5.

To ensure successful completion of the program for all Zwift Academy Tri participants, we are offering the following workaround. Regardless of whether you complete workouts in a group workout setting or from the workout folder, workout #2 will automatically credit you for workout #3 (and vice versa). Additionally, completing workout #4 will automatically credit you for workout #5 (and vice versa).

For those of you going for the gold, sorry to inform, there’s NO getting out of the work…we will be checking to make sure you’ve completed all the workouts during our review process.

Also - to make sure your session counts - please abide by these best practices:

  1. At the start of a session - be sure you’re logged in from one device at a time.
  2. During a ride or run - save and upload after you finish a workout / race / event. Trying to do more than one session without saving & uploading as you go can cause events to not credit correctly.
  3. At the end of a session - if you’re having WiFi or local ISP issues - your session may not save correctly.

I dont really understand, so we do workout 2 and 4 twice to get credit for 3 and 5?

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And what do you mean by going for gold?

If you didn’t get credit for #2 - don’t worry about it and move on to #3 (or the reverse). You’ll get credit for both.

Same for #4 and #5.

so just do the workouts how I would normally do them? I have completed 1 and 2 and got credit for both but not for the third workout, so should I do workouts 2,4, and 5 to receive credit for all the ZA TRI bike workouts?

Thank you. I did a Bike Road WO #5 today and it shows up in my feed but I show 0 completed.

I completed the first run workout on October 29 and didn’t get credit for it. However, in the workout library it says completed. Help please!

Yeah, I don’t understand what’s going on. Can someone explain what order we should do it in? I did workouts 1 and 2 and got credit. Do I do workout 3? Or skip it and go to for? Trying to finish the whole academy? And are there any running bugs?

Thanks for the info, hope the fix will be there soon. I’ve done the 5 cycling WO’s and only 3 are counted.
I need the new cap :slight_smile:

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Wait, do you understand what we’re supposed to do? Didn’t rly understand, do we have to do some twice?

Happened again. Zwift program hung near the end of my workout with about 10 minutes to go.

There’s a javascript error just before login also, says script error http… s.pinimg_dot_com/ct/lib/main.d71a97dd_dot_js 'then select yes/no to continue running scripts on this page.

I suppose i have to repeat Bike 2 also, frustrating. I’ll give it another go before I abandon this. Is it just the windows platform that causes issues?

i finished all. 5 run, 5 bike, 1 itt race, 1 za tri run. they gave me all the credits/badges after i was done. just wanted to ask. for the run, i got all. the socks, shirt, cap. for the bike. i got the socks, cap. but didnt get the jersey. but. they gave me a teal aero helmet. my question is. will they still give a shirt or just the helmet instead?

the bug also affects bikeworkout #2 all intervalls where 1/10 of length, so the workout only lasted 7 min.

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