ZA Workouts in Meet ups not counting

Myself and a friend completed ZA workout 1 yesterday evening at 18:00 UK time, but neither of us have been credited for it :sob:. We both selected workout one from the ZA workout menu once in the meet up and completed it together.
Can you not complete them like this anymore?


I’ll add another +1 to @Rhian issue. I was planning on completing Workout #2 during a meet-up. Since my partner cancelled, I exited the meet-up and completed Workout #2. The activity shows that I completed the workout but it is not counting as completed on the dashboard. Between this and the email issue, this Academy is proving pretty frustrating. Here is a link to my activity:

Any comment/help with this?

Not Receiving Credit for Workouts in a Meet Up

Some members have reported that they’re not receiving credit for Zwift Academy workouts when they do their workout in a meet up.


While there isn’t a workaround for this issue, we’re currently investigating and will update this article as soon as we have more information.

I have the same problem. I did Workout #3 in a club meetup today and did not receive credit for it. I contacted Zwift support, will update this post once I get a reply.

EDIT: I sent a screenshot of the completed workout and a link to the activity on Zwift. Support granted me credit for doing the workout. I think I’ll play it safe as @James_Zwift mentioned below and not do any further workouts in meetups so I don’t have to burden the support any further. :sweat_smile:

I still haven’t been credited the workout. My response from Zwift Support was keep an eye on the known problems page :roll_eyes:.

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Only 2 of my 6 workouts registered as completed.

I believe that workouts only register if they are the only activity type (besides free ride) within an uploaded activity.

i.e. if you start by joining a pace partner, then do the workout, it won’t count

or if you complete one workout in a ride, then do the ZA workout, it won’t count.

It seems broader than just “workouts done in a meet up”.

Hi all,

We’re aware that ZA workouts done in Meetups aren’t working.

We’re going to bulk credit those who has done do and not been credited for them.

I’d suggest doing them in free ride / workout mode rather than as a meetup.


My guess is this is because of the new Zwift ride naming convention. In the past if you did a workout in a meetup it would label the ride the same as the workout name. But now it label it with the meetup name.

I do prefer labeling it with the workout as it is more important to know what workout you did than who you ride with.

Any update on this? ZA is almost over and I’m still missing credit for 3 workouts. If you don’t fix this in the next few days there’s literally no point fixing it because ZA will be over :frowning: