New Bug for workout crediting if done as a meetup

Last Saturday we did workout 1 as a meet up (I set the meet up, entered the meet up, then loaded the workout, it’s even saved as “Zwift Academy 1 workout” in my zwift and strava), and I see today after it not being credited on Saturday that it has finally been credited, but credited on my online dashboard as a group ride instead of the workout. In the game itself in the rotating chiron on the left top, it shows credit for 1 workout instead of crediting it as a group ride, but I can’t see from there if the correct workout was credited.

At least one other person in the Canyon Sram facebook group has reported the same issue. Is this a known bug if we do workouts as meetups? Will this be fixed as well? Thanks!

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Thanks for heads up. Was planning on doing WO#2 meetup tomorrow.

I’ve got the same issue. I wasn’t the creator of the meetup, but loaded up Workout 3 during a meetup and successfully completed it. My dashboard now shows workouts 1 and 2 complete (as it should), workout 3 incomplete, and group ride/race 1 complete (which is incorrect).

The tally at the top of the dashboard, though, says Workouts: 3/8 / Races 0/4