ZA Tri 2022 - Completed Workouts, no credit

Hi, I just completed bike workouts 2 and 3 but haven’t received the credit in the progress bar.

Can somebody assist?

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I have the same issue. The workouts I completed as a group activity are credited, but i just completed bike workout 2 on my own and haven’t gotten credit for it.

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It’s been corrected overnight now

I have the credits, but not all the unlocks :frowning:

Done all the workouts and also completed the final run, but I’m still missing 2 unlocks (I understand the last one is once you complete everything)

I got the unlocks too… Might be worth contacting Zwift support

I rode the long ride #3 last week and it did’nt count/credit yet. All the fit files are correct and also the exports to strava and trainingpeaks worked fine. It’s also shown correctly my zwift activity feed.

I’m already in contact with the support, but no results so far.

Did the finish line ride yesterday - that was credited correctly.

All sorted now.

I just did the workout again. Just to be sure. Now it’s checked off.

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My last two completed Zwift Academy Tri workouts aren’t showing on the dashboard.

I wonder if the bug is back?

ETA: My dashboard just updated and I’m all caught up now. Glad it got sorted!