Run Workout not counting

Yesterday I finished the first bike workout and got the Z on the progress. Today I did the first run workout, finished with 12 of 12 Stars but got no Z on the run progress.
Is there something special needed when running ?
I’ve a MyRun directly connected to Zwift, which works fine for about 8 month.

Experiencing the same issue. Finished bike workouts 1 and 2 are showing up correct, run workout 1 which i finished yesterday not counting…
Just wrote it to ZWIFT support, hope they can fix it

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It was the same to
Me, I finished Friday 1st run workout and today 2 and 3 from bike and the run and the 3rd does not show in my dashboard

Sounds fairly widespread. There’s a Zwift response on another forum thread mentioning they are working on a fix

Exactly the same happened to me. I finished 4 runs , all have been credited with a Z on the progress. My first two bike workouts have also been credited. The 3 bike workout however, was not credited, although I finished it both times successfully, first time in group, second time on my own - without being the 3d Z in progress. Really frustrating, hope they fix this issue soon.

Thanks for sharing this answer Patty, I am looking for the same answer.
Thanks again

Happening to me a few times the latest today on a 15k run, threw me out at 14.9k and it didn’t count, very frustrating.