No credit for Zwift Academy Workout 6

Just completed ZA Workout #6. In companion, it says I have done 6 workouts total but does not show the check mark (actually a circle) for workout 6 specifically being done. The other boxes (1-5) are filled in. Any help?

Here are screenshots.

I just did a group ride that also didn’t count. It seems to be a bug.

Yes, I sent screen shots and the problem to Support. They got back to me within a few hours confirmed that it looked like I had completed the workout and they will give me credit, but said it may take a while. They thought I had a connection drop out and should check settings, but I didn’t have any signs of drop out. The whole ride was saved fine to both Zwift and Strava. Fingers crossed the credit will come through soon. Might have redo the ride if not, at least workout 6 isn’t the toughest…