Missing w/o

Companion (ZA updates) seems to only recognize one completed w/o when I’ve completed two within the same ride.


Hey @Shane_Besler, welcome back to the Forums!
I suspect since you completed the workouts in the same logged in session, that the game only counted one towards credit. In order to ensure you get credited on any future Zwift events, we suggest you log out and save the activity and log back in to complete the next one.
Based on your activity log, it looks like you need credit for ZA workout 5. Can you confirm this so I can work with our team to get that credited to your account?

Yes, that is what has occurred a couple times now. Here are my photos from Companion this morning, I can send fit.file if you’d like that as well.

@Shane_Besler No need! I can see the workouts in your ride log - just needed to make sure I credited the correct one.
I added credit for workout 5. Can you give it a look when you get a chance and let me know if it’s properly registering on your end? :smile:

Yes it is there, thank you.

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