Completed Zwift Academy workout, started another custom one afterwards via 'menu' - ZA w/o shows no completion

As per title.

Started ZA workout #2, completed it (got the workout report and everything). Decided I wanted to do more so I clicked on Menu, accessed custom workouts, started a new workout, completed it also in same ride, same completion report page and everything.

Now when I go in to the ZA panel on the start page it does not show workout 2 as complete.

Not motivated to do it again now.

Is there any way around this?

it looks like you are not alone, this sounds similar

You can see my topic on this - same thing but never got prompted for the workout so I just did a long VO2 Max ride. This reminds me of the problems they had last year (or was it two?) with Zwift Academy where we were supposed to get out phenotypes but they just couldn’t get the syncing of rides done correctly - and since it wasn’t just me, that means the problem really wasn’t just on my end. Considering I’ve had no real issues since last year, I think Zwift is having the issues, not us. A slightly flaky connection - even if things appear correct on our end - makes it just not work it seems. But even with that, we can send them our files and they should be able to figure things out without issue. I’m doing the Academy not for any chance at being a pro (that ship has passed 40 years ago) but for fitness and fun. It’s working too, but with Zwift not keeping up their bargain, for a second year, it is disappointing. I’ve been with Zwift for many years - at least one year before they upped their monthly charge from $10 to $15 - so, for $180 per year, I expect better. Which makes me thing that they should give a discount for long-time members or at least a yearly discount for people willing to pay all at once for a year.

Last year they said to do only one workout at a time, then save. If you do a second workout, credit might not accrue. Last year, several riders tried to do workouts back to back without saving and had the same issue. I believe the same thing will happen if you leave a workout to join a race.


Well, ok… So why don’t they, you know, fix that?

I understand that isn’t your question to answer :slightly_smiling_face:.

I guess it’s just yet another example of baffling user experience BS to add to the list.