Zwift Academy - completed workout not counted

I have done to Zwift Academy workouts. They are both recognised by Zwift and not.
Why does it say 0% complete? The two workout are both finished, as you can see.
And why don´t I see any open races? Do I have to complete Workout 3 before it´s possible to enter a ZA race?

I can see that you have completed w/o 1& 2. Were those done yesterday and/or today? Once completed the top section should change from white tick on grey background to white tick on green background. Probably explains why you are on 0%.

Any chance you did these workouts during a meet-up?

Not sure why you are not seeing the races. Mine (along with workouts 4,5 &6) are alongside the first 3 workouts and on an IPad I can scroll/slide side to side to see them

You don’t have to wait until you have done any workouts before you can find and select either ZA race 1 or 2.

Thanks. I did the workouts today solo one after the other while climbing Alpe d Zwift and continued for a while after WO 2 was finished. So i did not save untill the full ride was completely over.

Ok. My last thought, has your activity saved correctly. Yesterday there were a few people, myself included, who only initially had part of their activity saved. The system corrected later.

If you use Companion App is your activity record showing full distance and indication that both workouts were completed.

Thanks again. Both workouts are saved in the Companion. I will wait and see what happens.
And I found a way to enter the races. I did it on the zwift website

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I’ve seen issues (and had it myself) where doing a ZA workout, followed by another workout would cause the ZA workout to not be marked as completed on the event progression.

Safest way to do them is 1 ZA workout per activity (so save and exit back to the menu before attempting another workout).

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Yes. I guess you have to save after each workout to be on the safe side

I did the ZA Race 1 today - and saved afterwards. It is now registered as completed but stills not the two first workouts.

I did ZA WO 4 and 5 today. Saved after each and they are now marked with green and counted in the Complter percentage. But there is no change for WO 1 and 2. Should I contact support or just wait for them to discover and correct it?