Workouts not getting logged

Zwift Academy Road is not loggin my workouts when I do them from the Workout folder.

I had the same thing happen to me today. Workout #3 isn’t showing on my ZA dashboard, even though it is showing I completed it in the Companion App and Today’s Plan.

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Workout 4 logging issue here. Same same

Four of us did ZA Workout #3 in a meetup on Makuri and all four failed to register the workout in ZA. All 4 rides are in Zwift Activities as ZA#3, and across in TP as well. A problem with ZA workouts in meetups?

I did a recovery ride, and it hasn’t gotten posted yet either. Weird, or…

And trying to get support is ‘difficult’.

Or it was The Wrong Ride… Waiting… Maybe my wife is right, I’m an addict. Addicted to the pain, the effort, the endorphins…

The second recovery ride is not yet available.

When will it be available? And the Finish ride? Is it the 27th?

It looks like the next recovery ride start the 3rd of October and finish line the 27th.

WOW! That’s a while out then. Why so far out? I guess I should have started the process later. I’m done, waiting for the recovery and finish.

Haha - I had no idea there were specific recovery rides. I did 3 of them to fulfill my quota, but only got credit for one. I finished all 6 workouts on my own so I assumed I could fit recovery group rides when I needed them right after I did a hard workout. As a suggestion to the UX team (if such an entity exists), more detailed instructions and cues in the dashboard would be a big help. For example having unique names for group rides in the dashboard would help users look for the specific ride event they need to participate in to fulfill the ZA requirements.

I had the same problem. Did workout 5 in a meetup and it hasn’t registered anywhere.

Also need help with WO1 not getting credit/not shown as completed in the academy summary but shown as complete in activity feed

Not sure how to contact zwift support - email appears to have been disabled ?

Did you enroll in the Academy?

Did the other rides and workouts get credit?

Yes enrolled and all other workouts and group rides credited correctly. Just one anomaly

I am enrolled in Zwift Academy Tri, I just did Workout #1 as part of a Meetup and this is the activity:

The Workout shows success - there is a date stamp by it in the workout list; Companion shows no workout completion, neither does my ZwiftApp on the same PC which it was run - I have the update just pushed this week, game is up to date as of 19 October 2021.

I was going to do more Workouts but I hesitate now… Please advise. Is it a prerequisite to do Baseline first? The text below alludes that “to see your progress”, but past experience suggests otherwise, and so does the specific wording on the website, regarding “suggested” versus required order.

Edit, forget your stupid link auto-formatting above - here is the activity ID: 929201155433594928

And one other thing I noticed… on the calendar, the workouts are called Bike Workout #1 - Short VO2 Intervals; in the ZwiftApp Zwift Academy Tri 2021 directory, the workout name for that is actually #4, however the ZwiftApp Zwift Academy Tri 2021 directory workout proper absolutely matches what the calendar has for “Full-Distance Specific VO2 Max”, that is - the workouts are aligning by number correctly, but the names are also a bit “wonky” because they absolutely do not align.

These are my clarifications to the best I can put it.



As someone who has worked in quality assurance for software development for a long time, your software development team is awful and your QA team is terrible as well.

Three out of five workouts I’ve had to redo for the Academy Tri, unacceptable.

You’re lucky that I like the community because this piece of garbage software is absolutely BS.

The times that it failed was when I started the work out after the Meet Up started if that helps.

This isn’t rocket science. Quit hiring remedial engineering staff and management, pull up your SCRUM and Agile software development methodologies training pants and FIX THE AWFUL ZWIFTAPP.

Quit jacking around and make something happen.