Workout not syncing with Zwift academy

I have done all the workouts but my recovery ride one does not register on Zwift academy page

It look like you did recovery ride #2 twice. You need to do recovery ride #1 that is in Watopia.

Eish , Thanks didn’t see that!

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I also completed the Rwcovery ride today though it’s not showing as a completed Zwift academy session.

There are two different Recovery Rides, on different routes. Check in your Activities which one you’ve done and do the other one. They are now listed as 1 and 2 in the upcoming Events.

Same here: did workout #4 and recovery Ride 2 Today. I can see I did the Activities both on Zwift and Strava, but They don’t show as finished rides on the Academy…. What’s wrong?

It look like you need recovery ride #1.

Did you the the workout before a event? Not stopping between the workout and a event can cause this to happen.

That’s right. I did not stop between Workout 4 and the Recovery Ride, went right to the Ride when I got prompted. What should I do?

only option is to re do them.

That’s kind of weird, isn’t it?. I did Workout 4, can see it as an activity.
And I did a revovery Ride earlier,

why doesn’t that one count?

The Recovery Rides that you did on 6 October and today are the same ride (on Makuri Island), Recovery Ride 2, and therefore only count once.
You need to find and ride a Recovery Ride 1, which takes place on Watopia. If you use the Companion app, you’ll find one about every two hours from now until the end of the Academy make-up period, which is early on Monday morning (Central European Summer Time).

Thanks, Good to know, will Schedule it tomorrow.
By the way, WO is in my Academy Results Now…. Did you do anything, or just coincidence? :grinning:

I’m just another rider like yourself, so it’s purely coincidence. :slight_smile: Apparently, getting rides/workouts to sync with the Academy results sometimes takes a few hours at busy times.

(Good luck with the rest of your rides. Unless I am greatly mistaken, in order to “graduate” you need to complete both the remaining workouts, the Recovery Ride 1 and the Finish Line ride before 11:59 CEST on Monday.)

Thanks for all the effort!

Entered The Finish Line Ride today. Did not recognize the route and segments,… it was the Advanced Ride. In the end, appears no Standard Finish Line Rides are available…. Or am I wrong?

For each iteration of the Finish Line ride there are four rides, A, B, C and D. The standard ride for men is ‘C’. The advanced ride is ‘A’. These choices are visible in the Companion app. I don’t know if they are as clearly visible if joining rides via the main App.

Aaaaaaah ,my fault…… Now I see, thanks! The instructions were kinda vague

You are far from being the only person to be tripped up by the unclear instructions around the Zwift Academy, especially the recovery rides, which originally weren’t numbered.