Academy baseline ride problem

I joint three times Academy Baseline Ride at 20pm Italian Time events (2 Advanced e 1 Standard), but it registered only the first one (Advanced). Can you please explain me why the other two events have not been registered?
I also joint one Recovery Ride that has been registered correctly.

Thanks in advance for your feedback

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Hi @Cotton_Man, it sounds like you did the baseline ride 3 times, are you expecting to get credit for 3 of the Zwift academy rides/workouts from doing the baseline 3 times?

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I think so, but maybe do I misunderstand Academy rules?

Yes, there are 6 workouts, 2 recovery rides, the baseline and the finish line ride. You need to start doing the workouts in either the group events or by yourself.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
Now I understand.
My problem is that recovery event is often too early or too late for me in Italian Time.
I’ll try during next week-end.

Ride ON!!!