Can’t do 4 weeks

Hi this my first time at Academy and I can only do first 2 weeks. Is there a way to make up the last two? And, if so, how long do you have?



Hi @Maria_Saiz, assuming you aren’t going for the pro contract, in years past they have always made the individual workouts available in the workout list so you can do them anytime you wish.

You may however miss the finish line ride, these can’t be made up after the end of the academy.

This is what Zwift FAQ has to say.

Q: What if I go on holiday during Zwift Academy Road?

A: All sessions must be completed by October 9, 2022. If you have a holiday booked, you can still structure your training however you want—as long as you complete the sessions before the deadline. We recommend that you leave at least 48 hours between each session and aim to complete two sessions per week to get the most out of the program. The Baseline Ride will be available between September 12 and October 9. The Finish Line Ride will be available between September 26 and October 9. All workouts are available on-demand so you will be able to complete them at any time.

Looks like you must be able to do the Finish Line ride on or just after 26th September if that falls within your availability window.

Thank you.

It looks like I’ll miss the Finish ride as I’m away during that time. I thought I had seen prior years sessions on the training list. So it may I won’t be able to finish this year.


Just an afterthought. Last year the Baseline Ride and Finish Line Ride were the same. If you are keen to do the Academy ( but it won’t be officially recognised) you could do Baseline Ride, 6 workouts and the Baseline Ride again as if it was your Finish Line Ride.

You will be able to compare your Second Baseline Ride Ride with your first Baseline Ride to see how you have progressed and pick up the give away goodies !! Except the bike paint. A busy two weeks.

I’m sure the Orientation ride will be worth doing for more information and to check out if you really want to do it.

Thank you. Good to know. I’m going to do as many as reasonably possible and won’t be able to do them all. I’ll see if I can do some if they post the rides as workouts afterwards. Hopefully next year.


If you do an orientation ride, and fall back more than 500m from whoever is talking, do you see any of the conversation?

Aren’t these group workouts with keep everyone together enabled? I assume they are, but havent done one.

I did baseline for this year at the end of the week, assuming I would be able to do workout 1 after that… now there are no workout #1’s available to schedule? I can only access workout #2… super sad if I can’t complete workout 1 later in the course of the month? Anyone else having issues with starting late and not being able to schedule workout 1?

They should be in your workouts folder as stand alone workouts.

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I haven’t done workout #1 and there are no longer any scheduling options for it. My only event options are baseline or workouts 2-6….apparently after week 1 you can’t do the workout #1.

Long workout #1 and 3 others are not available in the training menu for iPad and Apple TV users.

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You can’t now do workout #1 in a group, which you previously saw and entered through your Companion App, I assume. You can however do the #1 workout on your own as James is indicating. This is what Zwift ZA2022 FAQ says:

Q: What is different about this year’s program?

A: Zwift Academy 2022 has been condensed into a four-week program. You’ll find the six structured workouts in a folder called “Zwift Academy 2022” on your workout menu screen. Plus, there will also be a schedule of group workouts if you’d like company. Don’t forget, there are also short and long versions of each of the six structured workouts.

James has shown you one way to access these workouts from your in game Home Screen. Alternatively just click on the Z ACADEMYROAD pop up on top left of your Home Screen, assuming you have the new Home Screen !!, and follow the steps to choose workout and route.

Was there dissatisfaction last year over the duration of ZA and hence why it was shortened to 4 weeks?

Thanks - I think I get it……

I have same problem- with AppleTv…
I just did short # 1 —- hoping long one shows up

I’m in the same position. Just got baseline done and now workout 1 is not available.

You don’t need to do the workouts in the group events, you can choose them on demand from the workout menu.

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You should be able to do the short version of Workout #1 - see forum messages around 4-6 up the page.

Depending on which platform you are using Zwift you may, or may not, be able to see some of the longer workouts.

Missing Workouts on Apple TV and iOS

Some Apple TV and iOS users have reported that workouts 1, 3, 4, and 6. are missing from the Zwift Academy workout folder.


While there isn’t a workaround for this issue, we’ve identified the issue and are working to get this resolved. We’ll update this article as soon as we have more information.

Keep an eye out for latest updates on known issues !! (My words not Zwift’s)

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