Missed workout 1, will there be any make up shcedule?

Missed workout 1, will there be any make up shcedule?

You can do the workouts on demand from the workout menu.


From the ZA 2022 FAQ:

Q: Can I do both group workouts and individual workouts?

A: Yes. All six workouts will be available at your convenience to do individually from the workout menu. You can find these in the “Zwift Academy 2022” folder or by joining a scheduled Zwift Academy group workout. Remember, Zwift Academy Baseline Rides and Finish Line Rides must be completed in a group event.

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Except on iPad/Apple TV where long workout #1, 3, 4, and 6 are still not available - so for those platforms you need the group workouts to be scheduled for those long workouts. Known issue that hopefully gets fixed soon.

I was just about to post about the missing long workouts. I couldn’t find them. I’m on Apple TV. Are they available on iOS? Guess I’ll have a look later.

I guess it’s good to hear it’s already a known issue!

They have known about it for 8 days. Hopefully we see some movement on it soon.

Here is the detail
Zwift Academy 2022 issues - Zwift Academy - Zwift Forums

Looks like Zwift has just added some group workout #1s to the events list.


Nice, that will help. Doesn’t help folks waiting for the 4th workout, but at least it gets people started with the first.

Well that I did not know!

Thanks, Mike.
Beer on its way.

Thanks - I knew workout 4 was coming online as a group ride this morn. Had it originally scheduled for early this week, but couldn’t access it until it came out as a group ride today. Workout 5 won’t be a problem since those are on iPad already, by the time I need to do #6 I think the fix should be out based on your earlier Sep 28th estimate for the fix.

Latest update from Zwift:


We’ve identified the issue; while we work on resolving this, you can find workouts 1-3 in our event calendar. Workouts 4 and 5 are available from September 25, and workout 6 is available from October 2.
But let’s hope all ZA workout issues resolved in September patch one, new game update (on 28th September).