Zwift Academy 2017

 Where is the list of the workouts please?  Sorry if I have missed them.  

Did you check out this link:

Paul, that is the 2016 list. ft critical,you can find the new 2017 Academy rides, by logging in to ride and going to “workouts”. Perhaps the 2017 Academy workouts will be archived on, when it’s over. Would be nice if they could appear, now.


Oops, missed the date on that.

No worries! - I only know where to find them because another zwifter pointed it out, for me. An email notification for those who are signed up for Academy seems appropriate, to explain where to find them. 

Thanks Brad, I was hoping to be able to plan from outside the main app - from my iPhone or the like. You can see the group rides and races, just not the workouts.

Right, me too. Just a case of having to go into main app., copy details and then add to Training Peaks calendar.


All ZA2017 workouts are available in the app, under Zwift Academy 2017, with the subfolder of Month 1. Make sure you’re on the most up to date game build and you’ll see it! 

Hi Tyler, will there be a new beta build for the tvOS app?   I don’t see the 2017 ZA workouts in the current tvOS build, release 18560, which has only 18 days left in TestFlight.


Hi Phil,

Great question! We have a new build that is currently with our QA department. It’s scheduled to go our with our next update, which is coming out pretty soon. 


I have completed “Zwift - Watopia - Zwift Academy 2017 Month 1 1. Zwift Academy FTP Test”    

but this workout does  not appears in the “academy overall progress”

can you have a look?



Do you know if they plan to add more group rides as the schedule for those is all over the place (mostly at 3am!), and seem to stop mid September -  seems otherwise really hard to find 5 decent timeslots without taking nights off sleep or days off work!

I have same problem as Rault Seb, have completed “Zwift - Watopia - Zwift Academy 2017 Month 1 1. Zwift Academy FTP Test”   but this workout does not appears in the “academy overall progress”

Hello, I believe the academy projects needs more social and race rides! For example it is difficult for me in EEST zone to find rides to follow! 

I think more rides on Weekends is the best solution!

Hi - will there be group rides and races in October? both schedules seem to end in last week of September.