Long workouts not visible

Hey all,

Can someone tell me where I can find all the long version workouts for the Zwift Academy 2022? At this moment the only two long version workouts I can see are workout 2 (ftp short blocks) and 5 (pyramids)…

On pc Zwift, I saw a short and long version of the standard workouts under Zwift Academy earlier.

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Not showing on mine either ATV.
Do you have to do the workouts in a group to get them ticked off?

Hey there, there’s a known issue on iOS (on iPad for sure, probably apple TV as well, but i forget) where the short workouts are the only section in the training experience. They did not fix this in the update yesterday, but they do know about it.

Edit: Here are the details:
Zwift Academy 2022 issues - Zwift Academy - Zwift Forums

Edit #2: So what I did, is I did long workout #1 as a group ride (since those are scheduled), but #2 is there, so you don’t need to do a group ride for #2, and hopefully by the time we get to #3 they have fixed this. Otherwise I’ll have to do a group ride for long workout #3.

I have this issue on iOS (ipad) also. There is no long workout number 3 available as a group ride, and its not listed in the workout folder. Doesn’t look like they fixed this in the update. But we got handcycles. Yay.

Thanks for the tip! I think I’m just gonna complete the rest of the ZA via my computer then…


Ce problème est connu de Zwift. Sur mon pc j’ai bien tous les entrainements court et long mais sur Apple tv je n’ai que les entrainements courts et les entrainement long 2 et 5.
Zwift va corriger ça dans une prochaine MAJ mais il faut patienter.

Problem known from the beginning but they don’t react, :woozy_face:

We’re working on a fix.

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Thx :clap: hope to see it soon :+1:

Oh come on, James, Zwift takes over 8 days to copy four workouts into one folder? :thinking:

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Adding workouts needs a game update. Our aim is to get them into 1.29.1. I don’t have an exact date for this yet.

James that is an interesting issue I had not considered.

Is Zwift now in the awkward position of trying to balance the need for a quick fix (possibly for a relatively few number of users) against the frustration experienced by many users of too many updates having to be done?

I almost suspected that. Thanks, James.
When were the workouts released? Already with version 1.28?
ZA started September 12, Version 1.29 was released September 14.

There are a number of Zwifters who are currently no longer able to complete Workout 1. I would like to do workout 3 today, but my time slot is very short. Apart from the fact that I have to do the workout now in a group, which is just annoying.

Almost everything that could go wrong with this years edition of ZA did go wrong. :roll_eyes:

We normally have one patch, it’s less common to have 2.

As always I possibly worded my question badly. I will try again.

If Zwift has say three fixes which need to be done, fairly quickly, does it intend to put all three fixes in one patch as soon as the last fix is sorted. Or is Zwift prepared to release each fix in its own patch as soon as it can be released.

I am very happy with either scenario ( as I have plenty of time on my hands to do as many updates each month as required ) but ask so that users can get an idea about Zwift’s policy on speed of fixes and patch releases.

Taking 2022 as an example
2 patches in Jan,Feb,May and June
1 Patch in July & Aug
ZWIFT normally has 2 patches, it’s less common to have 1.

I appreciate all your effort and replies on this forum.
Edit: along with all the other work you have to cover at the same time.

It all depends on the severity/urgency of the issue and whether it can be done in a patch or can wait until the next release. I think we’re all in agreement that the missing workouts need to be in asap.

In the last 2 months it’s been exceptionally rare to have 2 patches :joy:


Honestly, as a user, I can’t understand why this “fix” would take more than 5 minutes, tops.Its frustrating that this remains unresolved.

Are we any closer to a solution? Can you at least extend ZA to allow people to complete the other four sessions when they’re available?

Not everyone is into group rides.

Hi @Billy_McNair

You can do all the short workouts to get credit for the Academy then once the long workouts is loaded you can do them for extra training.